November 2013

Interior design photography

With years of photography experience and a passion for taking and processing images I have decided to enter into the world of taking both commercial and residential interior photos. Taking good photograph of an interior space is not as simple as it may seem on the surface. Often times, there is very little room to maneuver and good angles may be hard to find. To get the shot you may find yourself cramped in a corner and perched in a peculiar position. Two essential for doing this type of photography are a tripod because lighting is often very low and you will need higher shutter speeds and a good wide angle lens. Below are a few images from a recent shoot. To see more visit see my portfolio page or the photo gallery.

Model shoot – Sarah Shand

Up until recently most of my photo shoots have not include many people. However, back in the summer I was provided the opportunity to take part in shooting several different models for a beauty school. The pictures from that shoot can be seen in my portfolio under “Models”. At that event, one of the models I worked with was Sarah Shand. Together we recently decided to get together to take some photographs for her to use in her portfolio. The shoot went well and many of the images can be seen in my portfolio or the photo gallery. Below are a few images.