Panoramic photography

I have always found panoramic images interesting. The ability to combine 2 or more photographs, horizontal, vertical or both, opens up a new realm for displaying a scene. The image featured above is actually a combination of 12 images, 2 rows of 6 images, spanning from Gatineau on the left and across the bridge to Ottawa on the right. I love this image because I was able to capture a beautiful sunset as it occurred during the summer. The process to capture the image was to make sure the camera was as level as possible (on a tripod for best results especially if you are taking long exposures as I did) and then take a series of photos across the scene, ensuring to overlap each by 10-20%. It is best to take the pictures in manual mode to ensure the exposure is consistent across all the images. The next step is to use either Photoshop or Lightroom to do some preliminary processing on the RAW images and then sync those settings across all of the images. I like to do this before I merge the images into a panorama but you don’t have to. In Photoshop you can then merge the images – you have a few options to choose from but I find¬† auto works just fine. Once the image is finished, merge the layers and then do your final editing on the image to add your special touches.

I always shoot in RAW because of the exceptional quality and range of adjustments when it comes to post processing but you can use JPGs if you are not familiar with RAW.